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Typicaly old and new tastes from the town's kitchens

A recipe page full of exquisite traditions of Brindisi, a region rich of experience and gastronomic culture which is recognized world wide for its originality and fulfillment.
Mediterranean aromas and flavours also characterise the gastronomic scene: fish, seafood, vegetables, breads, mature cheeses, handmade pasta with the excellet olive oil and wines.

Pasta dishes
Orecchiette with "Cime di Rape"
Orecchiette with fresh tomato and Basil
Spaghetti with Broccoli
Spaghetti with Sea Urchins
Orecchiette with Cauliflower
Spaghetti with Bread Crumbs
Chickpeas with "Tria" pasta
Penne with Artichokes
Baked spaghetti with tomato's
Ricotta and spinach gnocchi

Meat dishes
Horse Meat "Involtini" (Roulade)
Strips of Veal with Lemon

Focaccia & other dishes
Fried Pettole
Pizza Bread with Onions
Wheat salad
"Holy Oil" Oil Piquant
Tarallini with Pepper
(Small doughnut shaped Biscuits)

Sweets & Desserts
Chiacchiere (Carnival Chatters)
Apulian Zeppole
Moulded Cream
Vegetables & legumes
Stuffed Courgette Flowers
Broad Beans
Baby Marrow "Poor Persons Style"
Baked Baby Marrow's
Vegetable "Ratatouille"
Dry White Broad bean puree
Stuffed Aubergine
Stuffed Artichokes
Artichoke Parmigiana
Baby Marrow Parmigiana
Mussels with Broad beans
Steamed "Cime di Rape"
"Cardetti" au gratin
Savoy Cabbage Rolls
Carrots in a fricassee
Pumpkin with Strong Ricotta Cheese

Fish & Seafood
Mussels "racanate"
Stewed Octopus
Fish Soup
Mussels "Mpepata"
Stuffed Cuttlefish
Stuffed Mussels
Mussels with Potato
Mussels with Broad beans
White Bait au Gratin
Meatballs made from Anchovies
Sardines with peppers
Spirit & Liqueur
Cream of Limoncello
Centerbe (Hundred Herb Liqueur)
Lemon liqueur
Cherry Liqueur

Suggest Restaurants:
Penny Restaurant and wine shop
via San Francesco - Brindisi
Elegant restaurant with fresh fish & seafood dishes
Sotto le Stelle Restaurant
loc.Specchiolla (Carovigno)
Typical Cuisine
» Il Boccone di San Paolo - via Scolmafora 7- Brindisi (tel.338.9077598)
» La Locanda ti li Spilusi - ctr. Restinco SS16 BR-S.Vito (tel. 0831.555481)
A big thanks to Mr. Franco Forleo for the recipe translation's

Some of this recipes are available also to Franco's Trattoria
Parkview - Johannesburg (South Africa)

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