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Few and simple, yet most genuine are the dishes of this region, which have derived from a balance of recipes from both farmers and fishermen. Historic and famous, these traditional dishes are prepared with simplicity and are turned into gastronomic experiences bringing out the utmost of flavours by the fresh produce of the region. These recipes have been successfully handed down and can be found in most restaurants of this city nowadays.
In the surrounding areas and towns close by, old farm houses have been restored and converted into culinary establishments serving traditional and abundant dishes in suggestive and characteristic environments.

LampascioniAs in traditional times, festive tables begin a meal with fresh and exquisite sea food, whilst lunches begin with marinated and preserved vegetables such as sun dried tomatos, grilled peppers and brinjals (aubergines), artichokes and root vegetables. These preserves may also be served with assorted seafood.
Fried spheres of dough, known as pettole, are also traditionally served during such meals, made with onion, olives, capers or sun dried tomatos, these are truly delicious.

Orecchiette fatte a manoThe emphasis lies on pasta dishes in this district. Fresh homemade farinaceous dishes are prepared by hand from durum wheat which assumes the most unique shapes and forms and characteristically hold the most suited of condiments; traditional pastas such as the famous orecchiette (small ear shaped pasta - see photo on the left) to maccheroni and fettuccine.
Traditional to its coastal proximity, the fish sauce of choice is generally that from sea bass or that made from clams or mussels. Other traditional sauces are made from various meats which are also in true tradition of Apulia. Those made from turnip tops, cauliflower and anchovies. Many are the variations of sauces and condiments for these pasta dishes. Timbales made wih brinjals and stuffed with mince and mozzarella cheese is another famous dish and starter. Another traditional dish is muscles baked in the oven with potatoes. This dish is widely served in all of Puglia, but its unique and original recipe lies in the heart of the city of Brindisi. Great use is also made from the harvest of legumes such as broad beans, chickpeas and various others.

Main course dishes are generally that of fish and with its vast coastline, the selection is vast, fresh and abundant. There are various styles of preparation such as the traditional fish soup, stuffed calamari, stewed octopus or served marinated as an appetizer, prawns and scampi. Shellfish is also widely used and served in many different ways.
The typical kitchen of Brindisi also boasts unique and tasty meat dishes, such as involtini which are traditionally made from horse meat and filled with peccorino cheese, capers and parsley, all rolled up and held together with either toothpicks or bound by strings. Liver is also widely used as is lamb which is generally roasted over an open flame. Served with seasonal harvests, such as broccoli, artichokes, and brinjals, and accompanied by good local bread, this gastronomic experience is a memorable one.

A glass of local wine and pastries traditional to the area will leave you with memories of one day returning to once again experience such excellence.

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