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Monuments - THE CHURCHES

Also known as St. John's the Baptist Church, was originally built between 1098 and 1132.
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St. Mary of Casale
The church, near the airport, is a splendid example of Romanesque-gothic style of XIII century.
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St. Benedict
The church, built in 1089, is a typical example of Romanesque art, with cross-shaped cupolas and very interesting medieval cloister.
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Christ of the Dominicans
The church was built by the Domenicans in 1232 and has an evocative facade made by alternating white and red stones.
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St. Mary of Angels
The Church (XV century) was built by will of capuchin friar Julio Cesar Russo from Brindisi, who later become Saint Lawrence.
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St. Lucy
The Church has been built in XI century with a Romanesque style. Interesting the crypt of VIII century with the frescos.
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St. Theresa
The Church of St.Theresa, a example of baroque architecture, was completed in 1697 in the ancient Spanish quarter.
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St. Paul the Hermit
The Church is the most ancient and eloquent testimony of gotic architecture of XIV century.
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Other Churches
Lesser known places of worship are still interesting for their historical
and architectural contents.
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