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The events, the stories, the places, the memories that have left a indelible sign in our history.

The Stone Jar of Cana's wedding
In the Diocese museum, which is close to the Cathedral of Brindisi, there is a stone jar, which presumably was brought into the city by the Crusaders directly from the Holy Land itself.
The Procession at sea
The traditional "Procession at sea" takes place once a year in first week of September, during the celebration of Saint Protectors of the City
Brindisi during the Ages of the Crusaders
The Town was re-launched in its role of main departure point to East during the age of the Crusaders (1096-1291)

The Adorned Horse
This ceremony takes place during the celebration of Corpus Domini, when the Bishop, riding an adorned white horse, takes the Holy Sacrament (host) through the main streets of the City

The Indian Mail Route
1870-1914 - Brindisi was chosen by the P&O as the terminus port for the ship of the biggest european navigation company of the last century
Brindisi as Capital of Italy
September 10th 1943 - February 11th 1944. The King and his family, the head of government and other ministers and officers, escaped from Rome, took up residence in Brindisi.
The Bronze Statues of Brindisi
1992 -This was describes as the greatest archaeological find of the season: over two hundred archaeological finds on the sea bed found in the locality of "Punta del Serrone".

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