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"Brindisi Virtual Tour" is a virtual journey into the past and present history of the city. This venture is a personal initiative, without any intention of financial gain, the aim being to show the viewer, online, some of the characteristics and peculiarities of a territory very much unknown and respected. This project, which began in 1997, was the first in online of its time, which made reference to the city of Brindisi regarding tourism, historical monuments and general information, which in years has become enriched with important contributions which have become points of reference in tutorial institutes, for enthusiasts and tourists.

Planning, management and coordination:

Giovanni Membola
Special Contributions:
Aldo Giove
Historical guidance and supervision:
prof. Giacomo Carito
English version and translation:
Franco Forleo
Aldo Giove
Giovanni Membola
Alfredo Perchinenna
Maurizio De Virgiliis
The Editor wishes to thank the following for their contributions:
Roberto Piliego, Antonio Caputo, Valentina Pascazio, Pietro Gigante, Massimo Guastella, Maurizio Pesari, Oreste Pinto, Antonio Celeste, Mario Antonelli, Rosario Mascia, Giovanni Vonghia, Mimmo Dell'Atti, Alessandro Cavino, Carmelo Montanaro, Salvatore Leo, Dino Gemmano.

This web site is continuously being revised and updated.
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