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The Brindisi's territory is interesting for its natural resources, diversified thanks to the presence of the wet habitats typical of coastal regions and wooded areas further inland.
Among the colours of cultivated areas, often geometrically delimited by stone fences, the strong red of land of secular olive trees and vineyards alternate with more intense but soft tones of natural areas like Mediterranean Maquis, small woods and wide green clearings.
Here there are several Apulian Regional parks, including areas of land, sea, rivers and their banks, lakes and their environs, which have environmental or naturalistic importance and often are valued for their landscape features and for representing particular local traditions

Areas of interest:

Torre Guaceto - Marine Protected Area and Natural Reserve
Tramazzone and Cerano forest (Natural Apulian Reserve)
St.Theresa and Lucci Woods (Natural Apulian Park)
Torre Guaceto and Macchia san Giovanni (Site of Community Importance)
Torre Canne and Torre St.Leonardo dunes (Natural Apulian Park)

Other place to visit (only in italian)
- Giancola area (Mouth of the canal)
- Punta della Contessa salt ponds and marshes
- Fiume Grande area (mouth of river-canal)
- Cillarese area (artificial lake-basin)

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