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Images and characters of a memorable reality

Photogallery - Click on the thumbnails to enlarge
  Teodoro Carlucci's cart loaded with household goods ready to market, better known as "Ghiatoro ti li patelli "
  The Harvest - cart with vats full of harvest grapes still in the fields.
Courtesy of the Baldassarre family
  "Nzino" (Vincenzo) with his cart, vats full of grapes from the harvest on his way to offload.
  An original postcard from the turn of the century of the Tancredi Fountain.
Courtesy of Michele Livieri
  A luncheon offered by the families of Brindisi to a group of soldiers on their departure to the Greece, World War 2.
Courtesy of the Forleo-Antonino family
  Original card from the 1940's found in a collectors shop in South Africa (Indian Ocean).
Courtesy of Franco Forleo
  Some members of local waterpolo team, it was 1975: Teodoro Montanile, Tonino Renna, Tonino Guadalupi, Elio Maghelli, Maurizio Vilella, Donato Mancino, Sergio Fusco (goalkeeper).
  Photos from 1950 (Joe "Pino" and Marie Mellone married at Brindisi Cathedral) and 1955 (Mrs Denise Mellone on a Horse and Carriage in front of her family' s house, via De Leo 36.
Courtesy of the Denise Mellone
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