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Online Guided Tours of the town

Itinerary 1- the city centre travelling west
Main stages: Porta Mesagne, Swabian Castle, Churches of St.Benedict, St.Mary of Angels, St.Paul, St.Theresa, Cathedral and the Columns.
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Itinerary 2 - the city centre heading east
Main stages: Cairoli Square, Vittoria Square, archaeological ruins , Church of St. Lucy, Church of Christ and Porta Lecce..
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Itinerary 3 - on seafront
Main stages: S.Giacomo Bastion, Vittorio Emanuele Square, seafront of the inner port, Tourist's House, Sciabiche and Italian Sailor Monument.
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Itinerary 4 - The surrounding of the City
Main stages: Tancredi Fountain, Brindisi Marina, Aragones Castle, churches of St.Mary of Casale and Jaddico, Reserve of Torre Guaceto.
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