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The Church of St. Mary of Angels (XV century) was built by will of capuchin friar Julio Cesar Russo from Brindisi, who later become Saint Lawrence, on the area of his family property.
The original facade was along Via S. Lorenzo, nowadays on the left side of the church.

The church has a elegant facade with a wooden door (XVII century) with bas-reliefs of some Saints.
Inside there are four lateral chapels for each side; in one of these chapels some Saint Lawrence relics and some holy pieces bought by himself, including an ivory crucifix and the cross used in the battle of Albareale, are kept.
Valuable are: the wooden pulpit (XVII century), the painting on the ceiling and the "Our Lady among Angels" painting on the main altar.

Photogallery - Click on the thumbnails to enlarge
Original facade
"Our Lady
among Angels"
Paint on the
wooden roof
Ivory Crucifix
Cross and relics
Wooden door
Map of the churches

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