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Baby Marrow Parmigiana
500g of medium sized baby marrows (zucchini - courgettes), 250g Mozzarella, 1x400g tin Italian peeled tomato's (cooked into a sauce), 100g processed ham, Parmesan cheese, as much as you will need, 3Eggs, 2 of which will be boiled, Oil, sufficient to fry the baby marrows, Flour for dusting, Salt.

Wash and slice the baby marrows, lengthwise to a thickness of approximately 5 to 6 mm.
Salt them and allow them to rest. In the interim, crack open the fresh egg in a bowl and beat it till it becomes fluid.. In another plate, lay out a small heap of flour to dust the sliced marrows.
As you dust them, so you will dip them into the egg mixture and fry them in very hot oil.
Prepare an oven proof dish, layer the bottom with some of the tomato sauce you have prepared and layer the marrows to cover the bottom.
On top of these marrows, spread some grated or sliced mozzarella and the boiled eggs which you will have broken up into small pieces.
Over this layer, place the sliced cooked ham and give them a dusting of parmesan cheese.
Arrange another layer of fried marrows over this and spread more sauce over the top as well as another dusting of parmesan cheese.
Preheat your oven to 180 degrees and bake for approximately 15 minutes.
Allow to cool slightly before serving.

Recipe by Mr. Salvatore Leo

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