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Monuments - THE SEAFRONT

The seafront of Brindisi's inner port (click to enlarge)

Along the striking seafront on the town's inner port, you can view the gardens of the Vittorio Emanuele square, entirely remade in 2001; inside there is the Dolphin's fountain (built in 1876), and the Virgil's monument, a marble work by Bodini (1988).
Close to the square, on the harbour-office's wall, there is the Sundial, built in 1917 by the captain Alberto de Albertis, an axpert of italian's sundials.

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The Giarden
(bird's eye view)
Vit. Emanuele garden square

On the same street, that is loved by citizens, you can see some of the ancient buildings today masterly restored:

  • Dionisi building, in venetian style, in the same name square;
  • The ancient Hotel Internazionale, whose structure dates in the early 1800, constructed by a large British firm and strategically positioned on the promenade. It has played host to many noblemen and royalty, as well as rich merchants in transit from London to Bombay for business; the structure is also important value to the city as it played host to King Vittorio Emanuele III for a significant period of time as he utilized the fresco room for his parliamentary meetings;
  • The ancient and important build named "Tourist's House" dates from Crusaders ages, who built here a dock arcade. Afterwards in this area a church dedicate to "St. John the Alms" was erected, but during next ages the structure was entirely modified by subsequent owners.
    After recent repairs, the rooms of the building are utilized as Tourist Information Office and for cultural events;
  • the sixteenth-century Montenegro building, nowdays Prefect residence, the best example of town's barocco building trade.
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Walking along Regina Margherita street you reach to Lenio Flacco square, close to the ancient Messapic wall ruins (VI century b.C.).
Not far, in S.Theresa square there is The War Memorial, the monument to the soldiers killed in first world war, was originally placed in Dionisi square, where it was unveiled in november 22nd 1931, in the presence of the king Vittorio Emanuele III. The choice was defined "inappropriate" by the author, the brindisinian sculptor Edgardo Simone, who donated the work to the town before moving to Naples.Therefore, the monument of white marble, in 1940 was moved where nowadays is placed. The sculptor Edgardo Simone has carried out more than 30 War Memorial in Italy and in the rest of the world, and he was a world fomous artist and cinema set-designer, especially in USA.
On the outer part of St. Theresa square, which has a half-circle shape, there is the Empire's Fountain, constructed in 1940 by the Provincial Government.

The near fisherman's area looks very impressive, here is very easy to meet old and youg artisans of fishing net and wood boats. This was the neighbourhood called "Sciabiche", nowdays in the opposite port shore, where the colors of the ancient fisherman trade show up for the originality and tradition.

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Messapic wall
The War
Map of the monuments

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