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Approaching Brindisi from the sea you will see the Aragones Castle, better known as Alfonsino Castle, which was built in 1491 on the St. Andrea island opposite the port, by Ferdinand I of Aragon, in defence of its city, against possible sea attacks.
For many centuries, it has been utilized for this purpose.
It is made up by two distinct parts: the Red Castle, so named for the distinct and characteristic colours of its bricks, and the Fortress, called also Sea Fortress, built afterwards as a depot housing the garrison.

Nowadays it is being restored.

Photogallery - Click on the thumbnails to enlarge
The Castle (bird's eye views)
The Castle from the medium port
The great hall
Fortress gate
Dock (north side)
Dock (south side)
View of the Fortress
Views of the Castle
Red Castle
Vicereale channel
amd castle

Fortress and Castle plan
Map: where is the castle

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