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HISTORIC PHOTOS - 6. Private Collections

The shipyard of Balsamo family - Brindisi

The photographs, which have been kindly offered on loan by the Balsamo family, show the construction and launching of a fishing vessel, completely constructed in their shipyard located in the port of Brindisi.

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Respected naval constructors and qualified artisans in their filed, the Balsamo Shipyard resumed their place in the port of Brindisi at the beginning of the last century, from the years ’800 to continue their ancient art of ship building.
From the times of emperor Frederick II (XIII century), ships of considerable dimensions were not built here and only in the early ’50’s did the Balsamo resume in doing what was never done since the XII century.
The founder of the Balsamo Shipyard (website) was Luigi Balsamo, a true master in his field, who dedicated his entire existence to his work at the yard. His sons Antonio and Massimo continue with this proud tradition in close collaboration and with true professionalism, something taught to them by their father who always achieved his goal and continue doing this during their third century of their history.

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