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"Frisa" - Piscuetti cu lu pumbitoru (dialect)

Frisella (also known as frisa or friseddha) start out as a bread ring or bun, which is taken out of the oven halfway through cooking, sliced through the middle, and then put back in the oven and baked again until crisp. It is dampened slightly with water before being eaten, and is served with cherry tomatoes, oil, oregano, and salt.

It seems that the origins of the ‘frise’ dates back to the Xth centaury b.C. to the Phoenician times, when sea merchants were used to a diet of ‘dried ciambelle’ (ring-shaped cakes) made from brown wheat. These were softened with some sea water and enhanced in flavour with olive oil. The ‘frisa’ has lived on from those times with thanks not only to the goodness of the dish, but also for its economic value during times less fortunate. Today the ‘frisa’ has been taken to another level; they can be made from coarse-grain, barley and also whole-wheat.

‘Frise’, Cherry or Roma tomatoes, Salt, Oregano

The preparation of this dish is the same for all the different types of flours. A ‘doughnut’ shape is formed from the dough. They are then partly baked, either in a wood burning oven or a convection oven, and then they are roughly sliced into two halves. These are then returned to the oven and baked at a lower temperature until dry and biscuit-like. These biscuits can be stored in air tight containers for long periods of time.
The preparation of the ‘frisa’ is very simple. It is sufficiently to wet but not drenched, with water. Arrange them on a serving dish or plate, then slice the tomato’s in half and press the juice into the rough side of the ‘frisa’ leaving the pulp on the top. Three tomatoes per biscuit will be sufficient. Salt the tomatoes and drizzle with oil to taste.
These wonderful snacks may also be eaten with cheese such as ‘provolone piccante’ which is a medium hard cheese with a peppery flavour.
These biscuits may also be enhanced with rocket leaves, giving them another flavour which is exceptional.
In Brindisi, the ‘frisa’ is traditionally served with uncooked mussels.

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