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Steamed "Cime di Rape"
Cime di Rape (broccoli rabe) are rich green leafed vegetables from the turnip family which resembles the broccoli plant, also sprouting a head with light yellow flowers which are also edible. This vegetable is best eaten young or else it could become bitter. It is best served steamed or sautéed with garlic and olive oil. Also known as the Italian broccoli, rabe, or rapini.

1,5kg heads of rape, extra virgin olive oil, onion or garlic, 2 bay leaves, wine (white).

Separate the heads of the rape, retaining also the most tender upper leaves.
The rest you can throw away and wash them well. In a large frying pan, or even a wok, add a half glass of water together with the ‘rape’ and the leaves.
Cover with a lid, smaller than the pan so as to keep the ‘rape’ confined and together for approximately 15 minutes, or even a little longer.
You would be almost steaming the rape. After about 10 minutes, pour out the water from the pan and add 3 table spoons of oil, a clove of crushed garlic, or an onion if so preferred, a chili, a small glass of wine, the bay leaves and salt to taste.
Continue the steaming process at low heat, keeping the lid over the ingredients until the wine and excess fluids has evaporated.
Serve as side dish or even on its own.

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