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1kg Flour, 40g yeast, 130g Olive oil, 200g Dry white wine, Salt, Honey Cinnamon, Icing Sugar, Hundreds and Thousands (coloured sugar balls).

Mix the flour together with the dissolved yeast (in a little water), together with the olive oil the white wine and the salt. Work the dough to a smooth and velvety consistency. If you find the dough a little tough, add some warm water.
Allow to rest and rise for approximately 3-4 hours, or even more if necessary, covered with a damp kitchen cloth.
Divide the dough by making small ball, similar to buns and flatten these out with a rolling pin to obtain very thin circular discs. With a pastry roller, cut these into wide strips, similar to a broad fettuccine approximately 3-4cm wide and 20-30cm long. Form a spiral circle with these strips, tightly bound, with the gagger edge, obtained by the pastry cutter, facing up, so that it looks like a crown. Pinch the ends closed so that they do not open up when frying. Allow these small crowns to rest for approximately one hour covered with a damp kitchen towel and after this, fry them in hot olive oil until they turn golden brown. Drain well and place them onto absorbent paper to drain the excess oil. Dip these into heated honey which you would have prepared separately and be careful not to break these fragile “cartellete” when doing so. Place tem onto a serving dish and stacked in pyramid form. Sprinkle over with some cinnamon, icing sugar and also the coulourful hundreds and thousands.

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