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(Natural Apulian Park)

This natural park stretches over a flat and sandy coastal area characterised by wetlands located behind a dune belt, between the areas of Ostuni and Fasano.
Dunes form a continuous string that is interrupted only by access ways to the sea. Some stretches are home to the typical juniper vegetation (Juniperus oxycedrus, Juniperus Macrocarpa and Juniperus phoenicea), Oaks (Quercus ilex) and Garrigues of Euphorbia. The dunes that are less affected by human activities have the typical sclerophyllous evergreen vegetation with a predominance of broad-leaved Phillyrea and Pistacia lentiscus.
The wetlands behind the dunes consist of small swamps with halophyte vegetation, habitat for stops and reproduction of migrating seabird, like the Grey Heron (Ardea Cinerea) and the Little Egret (Egretta Garzetta).
The innermost areas, in the locality known as ‘Difesa di Malta’, are characterised by a low garrigue vegetation (Thymus capitatus) and large zones with very xerophilous and thermophilous sub-steppe vegetation.
Volunteer orchidaceous plants thrive in this area and wastelands with Asphodelus ramosus are found due to overgrazing.

For guided visits and information call +39-0831-989885 - e-mail: info@thalassia.coop.
Official website: www.parcodunecostiere.org

The dunes of Torre Canne and Torre St. Leonardo park

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