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(Natural Apulian Reserve)

The reserve lies between the areas of Brindisi and San Pietro Vernotico, about 18 km south from Brindisi, and it represents the last part left of Maquis-wood that once covered the major part of the coast land.
The important wood area that covers about 126 hectares, of narrow and long shape, develops along a natural channel named “Li Siedi”, rich of secondary branches.

Notable is the presence of Oaks (Quercus virgiliana), together with Holm Oaks (Quercus Ilex), Elms (Ulmus) and Hop Hornbeams (Ostrya carpinifolia), a rare specie in this territory.
About fauna, there is the European Tree Frog (Hyla intermedia) and some reptiles like the Four-lined snake (Elaphe quatuorlineata) and the Leopard Snake (Elaphe situla).

Cerano forest. A trail between trees of Holm Oaks (Quescus ilex)

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