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The church of St.Maria del Casale, near the airport, is a splendid example of Romanesque-gothic style of XIII century.
It is a National monument since 1875, and has an elegant facade of red and white stone; its portal is surmounted with a hanging adorned structure.
Inside there is a latin cross shape nave, with a series of fine Byzantine frescos, among them one can find "The Last Judgement", painted in four levels by Rinaldo from Taranto, "The Tree of the Cross", with twelve branches that symbolize the apostles and the Brindisi's heraldry.

During March 1310 the Pope Clemente V established a tribunal to pass judgment on crusaders. The order was condemned, and therefore abolished by the pope two years later.
The construction of the adjoining cloister and of the convent were completed between the years 1635 and 1638.

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The Last Judgement
The Tree of the Cross
Transept and
The Cloister
Facade - details
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