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Churches - ST. BENEDICT

The church of S.Benedict, built in 1089, is a typical example of Romanesque art, with cross-shaped cupolas that is located not far from Porta Mesagne.

Very important is its portal with architrave (XI century), that reproduces hunting scenes between men and dragons.
Of great interest is the medieval cloister, also accessible from the old benedectine's convent.
The bell tower has a square shape.

In the near church of S.Anna there are some beautiful afrescos from XIV century.

Not far there is the ancient ruins of "Ospedale of San Martino" built in 1218 during the Crusaders age

Photogallery - Click on the thumbnails to enlarge
Portal detail of
the Architrave
Inside, detail of column's capital
The medieval Cloister
Cloister, traces
of a fresco
Cloister, detail of
column's capital
St. Martino
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